Friday, February 12, 2010

Ravelympics 2010 and Julia Rachel Barrett

Today is the start of the Ravelympics which coincides with the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The purpose is to pick projects that are challenging to you and have them completed by the closing ceremonies. (You aren't allowed to start until the opening ceremonies.) You also decide which events you want to include your project in. I believe the length of time is either 16 or 17 days. I'm on Team Not Just A Cardi and I'm doing Helena by Allison Green Will. This a baby/toddler cardigan with lace. I've entered the Sweaterboard Cross and the Stash Compulsary Dance because I'm doing a sweater from stash yarn. I cast on at 9:01 EST and stopped about 10 minutes later because I confused myself. About ten minutes after that, I figured out what I'm suppose to be doing, but I will wait until tomorrow to work on it some more. I'm off work next week, so I hope to get in a lot of knitting time. I all pictures of my progress as I go along.

I also won an ebook by Julia Rachel Barrett called "My Everything" I entered a contest over at the Stumbling Over Chaos blog. Julia also sent me her ebook entitled "Captured". Both have been downloaded to my Sony Pocket Reader and I will begin reading those shortly.

I got my ereader last month and I just love it. I have 38 books on it already. Some I have purchased and some are free. I check the Sony Ereader Store every day because they put up new free books all the time and you never know how long they will remain free. I figure you can't go wrong with free because you can just delete the books if you don't like them. Books on Board usually offers a free book weekly. I chose to go with Sony as opposed to the Kindle because of the price and I like being able to get my books from different sellers.

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