Monday, August 10, 2009

The Spindle Addicts Swap

I received my package from Skitz and she really did spoil me. I loved everything in the package. I got green millends, a stretchy band for my wheel, BFL that she processed from fleece and dyed, silk hankies, handmade soap, two project bags, coca, tea, fish notebook, some sticky notes, a guardian angel, essential oil and a diffuser, and a wine container to hold my spindle and some fiber in. The spindle is a Grafton Fibers Flagship in the Sunrise colorway. I love it.
Since I don't think anyone reads my blog, I added a picture of what I sent to my swap partner. For now, I won't add her name or where she lives until she receives it. It's the picture with the white and blue canister in it. I list her items when she gets the package, also.
One day, I'll learn how to work the pictures.

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